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Why have online booking?

Enabling online booking on your website with, our Booking Manager, makes it easier for your guests to book at a time that is convenient to them. Make the process as straightforward as possible by removing any reason not to book and watch your calendars fill up.

The results of a recent survey** of guests who booked accommodation online highlight the importance of online booking. Only two thirds of those surveyed said that they would have made an enquiry by email or telephone if the website didn’t have the facility to book online – meaning 1 out of 3 of those bookings may not have been made at all. Furthermore, only half of those surveyed would have left a message if put through to an answering machine, and half of those would continue to search online for alternative accommodation in the meantime.

Therefore, if during the course of the year you received 30 online bookings (at an average of £500 per booking) that is a turnover of £15,000.
Based on the survey results, without online booking that figure would be closer to £10,000 (and only if you were available to answer every phone call, day and night).

If you have been holding off adding online booking to your website because you didn’t think you needed it, maybe now is the time to make that move.

*cost of £90 per individual property template.
**survey carried out by SuperControl in December 2013.

Three options for online booking

What our online booking and admin service will do for you

gael holiday homes website

What our booking and admin service doesn’t do -

(unlike many other companies that provide this facility and service)

Having us process your online payments and administer your bookings is a cost effective way of providing online booking. You don’t need a merchant services bank account or payment terminal and you don’t need a web developer as adding the book now button is simple, we will even do this for you.

We charge a one off set up fee, yearly licence fee per property and low rate commission or fixed cost per booking to manage your online bookings. This is more cost effective than other payment options that don’t even provide any booking admin support.

You control pricing and availability; all you have to do is log in and simply make changes on our flexible booking engine.

Start taking online bookings & payments now.

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Virtual Enquiries Reception Desk

e-reception services

It is not always easy to answer queries about pricing or availability when you are busy or on holiday - our Enquiries Reception Desk service offers the ideal solution.

This service is available as an addition to our Booking Manager and is flexible around your needs. We offer:

Enquiries Reception 20 @ £30 + VAT per month

Enquiries Reception 50 @ £60 + VAT per month

Enquiries Reception 100 @ £100 + VAT per month

Out of hours voicemail @ £10 + VAT per month

Out of office hours you can take advantage of our Personalised Voicemail system, please ask for further details.

Telephone enquiries - We will detail all non-availability and price enquiries in an email and send these to you within 10 minutes (within standard office hours). Where guests leave an email address we can respond to availability and price enquiries should you wish. Where only a telephone number is left we are able to return guest calls should you require this service. Outgoing calls are charged at £0.75 per minute for all 01, 02 & 03 UK numbers, £1.00 per minute for all UK mobile numbers, £1.25 per minute for all 08 & International landline numbers and £1.50 per minute for all international mobile numbers. Call times are rounded up to the nearest minute. A monthly statement is produced detailing all calls.

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